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1920s Coco Flapper Costume


1920s Fringed Flapper Costume


20s Gatsby Girl Costume


Here at Bewitched Parties, we have everything you could ask for when throwing a 1920s themed party or dressing up in the style typical of the era. When we think of the roaring ‘20s, we imagine decadence and hedonism, so it’s natural that it is a popular party theme.

It is also associated with prohibition in the United States of America, where there was a nation-wide ban on alcohol. However, this meant that people would drink in secret, making their own alcohol, and the rise of the speakeasy, where bars could be disguised as other places. Although dangerous at the time, it is now a quirky concept, where you can pretend to be a person of high-class, adorned with luxurious items such as feather boa’s and pearls.

At Bewitched Parties, we have a range of costumes and accessories for the 1920s, with products available for both men and women. Whether you want a flapper dress with pleats and fringes, or an opulent Gatsby-inspired garment, we are sure to have the perfect outfit for you.

When it comes to headwear, we stock a range of wigs from short bobs, to luscious long locks. We also supply hats, and headbands for the Charleston or burlesque dancing. Other accessories for men include ties, braces, Spats, Tommy Guns, scarves, and even stick-on moustaches, to wear along with zoot suits and other available costumes. To allude to the gangster genre we might see in films such as Bugsy Malone and The Great Gatsby, we also stock ‘gangster’ costumes, along with plastic toy guns and a Hollywood-style clapper board.

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