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WW2 Air Force Captain Costume


WW2 Air Force Female Captain


WW2 Army Warden Lady Costume


WW2 British Office Costume, with Trench Coat


WW2 Home Guard Private Costume


WW2 Land Girl Costume


Fashion from the 1940s offers dress lengths that fall around the knee. This reflects the reality of historic period as not only food, but fabric, was rationed. Some might say that society became more progressive in general, and less conservative, so it was also more acceptable to show a bit more leg.

For this reason, our range of 1940s costumes is dominated by a war theme. This includes air force uniforms, navy uniforms, and other army costumes, as well as a ‘sweetheart’ costume for women who were left alone as their husbands went to fight in the war, and a ‘land girl’ costumes, alluding to the women who worked in occupations otherwise reserved for men.

We also stock accessories such as masks, helmets and hats, as well as a big thick mock-moustache. We can also supply a variety of wigs that are curled, as was the fashion at the time. There is also an option that includes a headscarf, inspired by the ‘Rosie the Riveter’ image which has become an iconic symbol since the ‘We Can Do It’ poster was made for motivational propaganda.

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