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50s Rock ‘n’ Roll Costume


50s Style Poodle Costume


Curves 50s Pin Up Costume


When going to fancy dress parties we want costumes to firstly be fun, but most of all it needs to be recognisable.  Costumes, 1950’s style stares up the imagination of what encompass that time period. If you are invited to a 50s Fancy dress party and you want some iconic, quintessential and recognizable 50s Costumes, then Bewitched Parties can help you find what you need.

What comes to mind when you think of 1950’s costume for women or men’s 50s Costumes?  Rockabilly? The teddy boy look complete with sideburns?  Or maybe you prefer the college jock and the ‘nice boy from next door’ clothing once worn during that fabulous era.  We also have the popular Grease 1950’s costumes available in order for you to enter the party evoking all the fun and the style from that famous musical. What about the gorgeous 50s Dresses of the time?  The pin up pencil skirt and 50s Style Dresses, are still a popular style worn today.  And who could forget the Poodle Skirt? Classic vintage 50’s costumes once designed by Juli Lynne Charlot for the sole purpose of going out to a party?  Not only did she look fabulous, but she soon found herself taking orders from admirers to create this same swing skirt with other fun pictures and designs on, the most popular choice being dogs.

Other 50s fancy dress ideas include 50s bowler shirts, 50s diner girl (maybe you could wear roller skates?), and all of the extra accessories such as a flick comb (like Fonzie) to complete these 50s dressing up costumes.

Once you have found your 1950s costumes, you need your size.  With over 10 different size choices to choose from, you are bound to find just what you want for your 50s fancy dress party.

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