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1960s CND Costume


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60’s Groovy Chick Costume


The sixties was the decade of The Beatles, Lulu, Jimmy Hendrix and The Beach Boys.  The 1960s were a time that saw Audrey Hepburn headlining the latest blockbusters, and Alfred Hitchcock writing masterpieces that were scaring us all senseless.

What does this mean for 1960’s themed party costumes?  Whereas all of these legendary acts have their place among the 60s history books, only a few would be deemed suitable as costumes, 1960’s theme.  Costumes such as the Fab Four’s iconic suits, complete with the mop-top hair-do.  Or the 60s singer costume with trousers, top and waistcoat that would allow you to imitate Jimmy Hendrix, or David Crosby.  Or the mini skirt and knee-high white boots usually associated with Lulu, Cilla Black and other such acts of the time.

Rather than imitate a famous person of the time, other fabulous 60s fancy dress outfits are available that can clearly be identified with the style and look of the time.  Women’s 60’s Costume include hippy chic costumes, beehive wigs, tie dye outfits and swinging 60s dress complete with Go Go boots.  The 1960s men’s costumes also feature hippy wear such as flares, groovy shirts and accessories and some colourful psychedelic suits.  Whatever you decide to wear to the party or venue Bewitched Parties have the best choice available in 1960s fancy dress.

The Bewitched Parties shop in Leyland has been in trade for over 10 years and pride themselves on stocking a huge of choice of 60s Costumes for Women’s party wear and 1960s men’s costumes and fancy dress.  You can visit the shop directly in Preston or order online today.  With a good size selection, we are sure you will find the perfect 1960’s themed party costumes for you.

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