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When it comes to fashion in the 1970s, it was all about individuality. Fashion wasn’t about identikit uniforms, but more about originality and style. Still, the era is best known for its hippie clothing and disco vibe.

The fancy dress costumes we have for the 1970s are full of the classic bell-bottoms, including layered flares and bright jumpsuits. We can have your whole outfit sorted when it comes to finding your ideal 1970s themed party costumes for both men and women, including shirts, trousers, and all-in-one outfits. Whether you want to be a psychedelic rocker, or you want to rock a colourful 70s-style suit.

We stock a range of wigs that both allude to the bigger hair that was fashionable, with many people during the time sporting permed hairdos and natural afros. We also have brightly coloured wigs, such as a red Bowie-esque wig, and tinsel wigs. We also stock long sleek wig styles for a hippie look, flick wigs, and a range of other styles for men.

A 70s fancy dress costume wouldn’t be complete without the shoes, which are sold in the classic platform style for both men and women. We also stock a number of accessories like rings, medallions, hats, and novelty sunglasses. There are also fun props such as an inflatable guitar and microphone, highlighting the importance of musical influence on the fashion.

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