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French Man Set


Of the many themes you can choose when you host a fancy-dress party, some of the best are based on a country or a nationality.  For instance, if you throw a Mexican themed party, it gives people the creative license to choose from a number of traditional costumes from around the world, such as a mariachi dress, poncho and sombrero, and even the Mask of Zorro may show his face (or not as the case may be!).  Not to mention the tequila sunrises and guacamole dip you can indulge in.

Your fancy dress costumes around the world theme, could be based on Australia, Europe or even the Artic.  With a huge selection on our all around the world costumes range, you have the option to dress in traditional country fancy dress, or to try and pick something a bit less familiar about the chosen themed country.  For example, for the Mexican theme mentioned above, you could dress up as a Mexican wrestler.

If you have been invited to a fancy dress and the general theme includes all countries of the world fancy dress, then go as a leprechaun or purchase one of our oriental wigs for ladies, a Scottish tam-o -shanter tartan hat, or even a sword and scabbard and pose as a Japanese ninja warrior.

Around the world costumes include items that can be worn for national holidays and celebrations.  St Patricks day wear, for instance, can be found amongst the around the world fancy dress costumes range.

Our selection of around the world party costumes can also be a good place to come for other fancy-dress occasions such as for world book days, plays and school productions, or charity events.

Whatever the occasion that you to require one of our around the world themed costumes, we hope you have a fabulous time and remember that fun and play can be truly bewitching.

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