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Childrens Animal Costumes

Children tend to grow up with a love for animals. Different creatures are in the books they read, the films they watch, as well as their own pets in the family home. It can also be a great joy to children to see animals at zoos and farms. Here at Bewitched Parties, we can combine this love for animals with children’s love for fancy dress with our children’s animal fancy dress costumes.

The fancy dress options for this category of kids’ animal fancy dress costumes include a range of whole outfits, including bears, bees, bunnies, caterpillars, cows, Dalmatian dogs and generic dogs, bulls, donkeys, crocodiles, dinosaurs, ducks, ladybirds, lambs and sheep, lions, mice, pigs, tigers, zebras, dragons, monsters and more.

We also stock accessories and kits, where a few simple items can transform your child from a human to an animal. These include accessories for being cats, Dalmatian dogs and generic dogs, foxes, and unicorns. We also have a range of animal masks, including those for bears, crocodiles, eagles, foxes, leopards, owls, sharks, and tigers. Explore the full range through our website, where you will find animal fancy dress costumes for all children.

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