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Christmas Fancy Dress For Kids

Is there anything cuter than kids in Christmas fancy dress costumes? Whether your child is in a Nativity play, or you just want to dress them up for the day, we can supply a wide range of children’s Christmas fancy dress outfits.

If you’re stuck for ideas for children’s Christmas fancy dress, then simply browse our range and you are sure to discover something that suits you and your children. We stock over thirty different outfits for kids to wear throughout the festive period.

The nativity play has been a tradition for children to take part in for many years, through the UK’s Christian influence. This typically involved recreating a nativity scene from the nativity story of the birth of Jesus, where they play the parts of both human and angel characters, as well as animals and props.

Here at Bewitched Parties, we can supply costumes for human characters within the nativity, including a traditional ‘Arabian’ outfit, which is in keeping with Jesus’ origins in the Middle East; though arguably appropriate in this context, it is important to be mindful of the cultural significance when considering other contexts.

We also have a costume dedicated to the character of Mary, as well as the Three King figures, and shepherd costumes. A star outfit can also be used as the Star of Bethlehem, which guides the characters to Jerusalem. Additionally, a camel costume could be used as the mode of transport.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of secular costumes, including princess costumes, a Christmas tree, various Father Christmas or Santa outfits for both boys and girls, elf costumes, a gingerbread person, snowmen, snow women and star fairy fancy dress outfits.

Children’s fancy dress outfits are usually supplied in sizes small, medium and large, and can be purchased for under £20. Small sizes are suitable for ages 4-6, medium for ages 7-9, and large for ages 10-12.

For more information about our selection of children’s fancy dress costumes for Christmas, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and we will be glad to help with any questions you may have for us.


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