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British Police Lady Costume


Classy Convict Costume


Convict Costume


Convict Instant Kit


Curves NYC Cop Costume


If you have an approaching fancy dress party, or a Halloween event where you’re required to wear a costume, finding the perfect outfit can be stressful. Here at Bewitched Parties, we host a wide array of fancy dress costumes and fancy dress accessories for you to choose from to make this process all the easier. In our cops and robbers fancy dress range, we have a fun array of outfits that are perfect for the individual or for group costume ideas.

If you are looking for a cop fancy dress idea, there are several outfits and accessories in our range to choose from. For instance, the NYC cop costume is a classic and authentic looking fancy dress costume. For women, the special constable costume will emanate a powerful and authoritative figure while keeping it fun and stylish. Finally, when it comes to tying the whole look together, the police woman’s scarf or police panda hat will give your outfit the finishing touches it needs.

In this range, we also host a variety of robber costume ideas, making for a great contrast and parallel with the policemen costumes in our range. For instance, for women we stock the classy convict costume. Besides complete outfits, we also have robbers fancy dress outfit accessories; this includes the gangster holster, or the ball and chain. These accessories will transform your look, giving you a truly authentic outfit.

All our costumes come in a variety of sizes, in high quality fabrics with great attention to detail. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Someone from our team will be happy to discuss your options further with you. You can reach us by email at, or by giving us a call on 01772 462600.


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