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At Bewitched Parties we offer a large selection of fancy-dress costumes and accessories for all occasions and themes, but that’s not all. As a one-stop online party shop, we offer a great selection of balloons for different celebrations, including those especially for Easter.


Easter began as a Christian festival, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead as part of the beliefs that stem from the New Testament Bible. Easter has now evolved into a more secular tradition, where chocolate Easter eggs are given, and fun activities such as Easter egg hunts are made and played. Sometimes the Easter bunny figure will feature as part of the festivities, with children sleeping next to empty baskets to find their basket filled with chocolates on waking. The Easter bunny is considered a folkloric figure, originating from German Lutherans, with the concept spreading to other parts of the world.


If you’re searching for something special for Easter, our range of Easter balloons are great as both Easter gifts and decorations. Available from our UK base, we offer both animal egg holidays, and an Easter bunny balloon with a soft toy and chocolate eggs inside, making it a great gift for children.


For more information about our Easter balloons, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.

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