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Fever Alexia Wig


Fever Amber Wig


Fever Bella Wig


Fever Elise Wig


Fever Emily Wig


Fever Isabelle Wig


Fever Jessica Wig


Fever Khloe Wig


Fever Lola Wig


Fever Mia Wig


Fever Nicole Wig


Fever Nicole Wig, Red Cherry


Fever Nicole Wig, Silver Blonde


Fever Olivia Wig


Fever Rhianne Wig


Fever Sienna Wig


Here at Bewitched Parties, we provide a variety of different kinds of outfits to wear as fancy dress costumes, including additional accessories. Here you will find a selection of fever wigs to put the finishing touches to your outfit.


Our fever wig collection are superior quality wigs from Smiffys. Most of these fever wigs are suitable for everyday use, as well as fancy dress parties where you want to transform your look instantly. They are available in dark colours, as well as blonde and deep red, with a bright pastel blue option too. The style ranges from curly to straight, with a variety of different lengths, with or without a fringe.

These fever fashion wigs are also suitable for styling with tongs or straighteners, and any style you wear can be washed out and dried, ready to start again. The quality of fever wigs aims to replicate natural hair, but better, so you are sure to get wear from our fever wigs time and time again, with one wig allowing you to do more and more.

To find out more about our fiver wigs, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.


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