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18″ Foil Helium Balloon Mum to Be


Baby Shower Table Centrepiece Pastel


Banner Baby Boy Blue Holographic


Banner Baby Girl Pink Holographic


Bespoke Handcrafted Christening Invite Ornate Cross


Rosette Mum to Be Blue


Rosette Mum to Be Lemon


Rosette Mum to Be Pink


Sash Mum to Be Pink


Sash Mum to Be Blue


Sash Mum to Be Lemon


Sash Mum to Be White


If you are planning a gender reveal party, or you would like to make to organise a special way to let your friends and family know what gender the member of your new family will be, then the gender reveal decorations and merchandise is the ideal and fun way to do so.

Baby Showers

Even if you have already let your family and friends know it’s a boy or a girl, you can still make your baby shower special.  With a choice of balloons, hanging decorations, sashes, banners and table centrepieces to choose from, your chosen venue for your party can be made to look truly amazing.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations

We provide you with choice when it comes to the way to can reveal whether a boy or a girl is expected, or indeed whether the family can expect to welcome both sexes to party!  If you are organising the event on behalf of a friend, so that she too can join in with the excitement of the reveal, then you can make the occasion a day to remember, with our party products.  With a neutral yellow or white ‘mum to be’ sash, you can even allow the mother of the new arrival to come, the chance to dress up without giving the game away.  Or you could order a pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy) sash to drape over her when the gender has finally been revealed to the delight of all involved.

Using our beautiful greeting card, you can invite the guests to the party, letting them know that they will be honoured with the announcement of what the baby is.  Then, along with a choice of decorations and gender reveal balloons you can brighten up the room the event is to be held in.  At the height of the party, either before or after the food has been had, and any presents have been opened (as long as it doesn’t make it clear what gender is to be expected) you can get the mum, dad, or both parents, to pop the black gender reveal balloon so that a shower of confetti fills the room, letting the occupants know what special bundle of joy to expect.

We also have a choice of party tableware for you to really make the occasion amazing.

Announcement by Post with Gender reveal Cards

Another popular way to let others know what gender your baby will be is to purchase our gender reveal scratch cards.  Each pack contains 12 cards each, so that every person that receives a letter from you can gradually find out, along with their household what your baby will be.  This is also an excellent idea if you would like to include those of your nearest and dearest that were not able to be present at your gender reveal party.

For more ideas of what other things you can do at your gender reveal party, or for a baby shower, check out our other amazing products her at Bewitched Parties.

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