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Beast / Krampus Demon Costume, Long Pile Fur


Beast / Krampus Demon Mask


Beautiful Bones Costume


Beauty Bones Costume


Black Magic Mistress Costume


Bloody Prom Queen Costume


Bright Bones Glow in the Dark Costume


Cult Leader Costume


Here at Bewitched Parties, we offer over a hundred different adult Halloween fancy dress costumes.

Venture into the unknown with mythical creatures such as our Krampus costumes and masks or alien costumes. We also have creepy crawly costumes, such as our all-in-one giant spider outfit.

For a gothic look that still has style, you may opt for one of our skeleton costumes or our twist on the little black dress. Our devil dress is full of drama and our classic witch costume is subtle yet effective, yet there are many options for both character choices. We also have a gothic count costume, complete with a top hat and cane.

For simple but effective scary costumes, we also have the bloody overall costume, or butcher kit. We have plenty of other choices for blood-splatter outfits, including our murderous twin costume, which is recommended for two friends when you buy two.

There are also more humorous takes on Halloween fancy dress costumes, such as the cereal killers costume, and our range of piggyback costumes. We also have costumes that are simply fun, yet incorporating the Halloween theme, such as our neon skeleton costume. Additionally, we offer customers that are usually associated with fun, yet take a dark twist, such as our sinister creepy clown costume.

To find out more about our adult Halloween fancy dress, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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