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Cirque Sinister Bo Bo the Clown Costume


Classic Horror Clown Lady Costume


Crazed Jester Costume


Creepy Clown Kit


Dark Jester Costume


Deluxe Cirque Sinister Vicious Circus Lion Costume


Deluxe Patchwork Clown Costume, Male


Deluxe Tattoo Lady Costume


Our range of cirque sinister fancy dress costumes refers to the circus, being a more archaic form of the word, with current French usage. Derived from the Montreal-based circus company, the term has come to be referring to general circus characters.

Here at Bewitched Parties, we have put a sinister twist on the cirque, or circus, fancy dress costumes, making them perfect for Halloween or horror-themed fancy dress parties. We offer a whole range of cirque clown costumes, including accessories such as bloody clown shoe covers, red clown wigs, leggings and masks. Along the same lines, we also stock some jester costumes. Within this range, we also offer piggyback costumes, which incorporate clowns that give the appearance of an additional person.

Our Pierrot costume refers to the stock character of pantomime and commedia dell’arte, and is featured here in a more feminine monochrome design. We also have a Harlequin costume, known for the chequered costume, with a matching wig available. More traditional circus acts would include animals, so we also stock a lion costume as part of this range. No circus theme would be complete without a ringmaster costume, complete with mask and whip.

To discover more about our cirque sinister fancy dress, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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