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Bad Hatter Costume


Damaged Doll Costume


Deluxe Baroque Dark Queen Costume


Deluxe Clapping Monkey Toy Costume


Deluxe Dark Miss Hatter Costume


Deluxe Gothic Alice Wig


Deluxe White Rabbit Costume


Gothic Alice Costume


At Bewitched Parties, we offer a huge range of fancy-dress costumes, including a great selection of twisted fairy-tale Halloween costume ideas. Options include both full outfits and various accessories such as wigs, hats and masks.

When we think of fairy-tales, we often think of stories from childhood, and it may seem strange to turn such characters into scary Halloween costumes. However, our twisted fairy-tale costumes actually go back to the roots of fairy-tales, which are actually surprisingly dark and sinister.

Our twisted fairy-tale costumes go back to the oral tradition of story-telling, with The Grimm Brothers being one of the first to write down these stories, forging the way for all future children’s literature. Fairy-tales often contained strong moral messages, which linked to rather violent and scary outcomes.

Within our range of twisted fairy-tale costumes, you will find familiar characters from children’s books, where we put a twist on them to make them more appropriate for Halloween themed fancy dress. Whether a splash of fake-blood or a creepy mask, there’s sure to be a way to create the perfect twisted fairy-tale Halloween outfit for you.

To discover more about our twisted fairy-tale Halloween fancy dress costumes, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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