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Biohazard Female Costume


Biohazard Male Costume


Blood Drip Nurse Costume


Bloody Nurse Kit


Curves Zombie School Girl Costume


Deadly Chef Costume


Deluxe Groom Costume, with Trousers, Jacket


Deluxe Zombie Bride Costume


Deluxe Zombie Chimp Costume


Deluxe Zombie Huntress Costume


Deluxe Zombie Panda Costume


Deluxe Zombie Pirate Captain Costume, Latex


Here at Bewitched Parties, we offer an extensive variety of fancy-dress costumes, including a huge selection of zombie themed outfit ideas. Whether you’re looking for a simple men’s zombie fancy dress outfit or a special ‘Snow Fright’ women’s zombie costume, we are sure to have something to suit you.

The zombie is a classic Halloween character, the fictional archetype of an undead corporeal revenant, with our fancy-dress outfits helping you to reanimate and bring to life the corpse of your chose character. The origin of the zombie concept actually stems back to Haitian folklore, whereby a zombie is created through various methods and magic to bring a dead body to life.

The zombie naturally came to be used in our modern literature, games, film and television. This is primarily where we get our inspiration for fancy-dress costumes, so a zombie outfit is considered an essential when it comes to fancy-dress, especially in terms of scary Halloween costumes.

We have zombie-fied so many different fancy dress costumes, we have nearly 100 options when it comes to selecting an adult zombie outfit. All it takes is one outfit or some zombie accessories to make your zombie look complete.

To find out more about our zombie fancy dress, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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