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Brave Scotsman Costume


Deluxe Victorian Jack The Ripper Costume


Deluxe Victorian Suffragette Costume


Economy Roman Gladiator Costume


Edwardian Gent Deluxe Costume


Fair Maiden Costume


Grecian Costume


Grecian Goddess Costume


Henry VIII Deluxe Costume


At Bewitched Parties, we specialise in providing a range of fancy dress costumes that are sure to make you stand out, whatever the occasion. With our range of historical fancy dress costumes, you can combine your love of the past with the fun of dressing up.

Our website hosts a variety of different historical outfits and historical accessories to give yourself an easily recognisable yet unique costume idea. For instance, transport yourself to 500 BC with our Roman Gladiator costume, or to the time of the Tudors with the deluxe Henry VIII outfit. For something slightly more contemporary, we also offer a range of costumes from the Victorian era; our deluxe ladies Victorian top hat is a luxurious and beautiful addition to recreate the outfit of the 19th century aristocracy, whilst the poor Victorian man costume will take you back to the time of Oliver Twist. Whatever time-period you wish to recreate, be that the Renaissance, the Edwardian era or ancient Greece, we have an extensive choice of options to fit your needs.

Whilst stocking individual accessory pieces to add to your outfit, we also offer historical fancy dress ideas that come as a completed set, saving you the time and energy of compiling a costume from different shops and sources. Our fair maiden costume, for example, comes with a stunning dress as well as a floral hair wreath. Whether you are looking for historical costumes for kids, historical costumes for girls, historical Halloween costumes, or boys historical costumes, our extensive range will have something suitable for you.

If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help you pick your ideal party outfit. You can call us on 01772462600 or send us an email at

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