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1920s Star Costume


Air Hostess Costume


Airways Attendant Costume


Cheerleader Kit


Curves Air Hostess Costume


In our icons and idols fancy dress range, you will see costumes that allude to cultural icons, whether from the 80s, the 20s, or any other decade, as well as staple outfits that embody a particular profession or character.

Icons are considered representative symbols that are worthy of veneration, so with these fancy-dress costumes, you can step into the shoes of another person and imagine the reverence of being adored by many. Similarly, an idol is a person who is greatly admired, loved or revered, so this range includes outfits that evoke celebrities and famous stars, as well as outfits representative of particular careers and interests.

We offer whole outfits for female flight attendants, astronauts, pilots, miners, safari explorers, and more. You can also find those outfits that hint at pop icons, film characters, comedians, politicians, athletes and more. As well as whole outfits, we also stock masks, hats, wigs, capes, whether you want to where a chef’s hat, or a beehive hair style.

There are also props such as the plastic statue award, and a piggyback president costume that features mock legs and a 3D figure. This range would be great for party themes including Hollywood, general occupations or what you wanted to be when you grow up as a child, 20s party, 80s party, film characters party, or a general celebrity theme.  There are so many options in this range, you’re sure to find something to suit you.

All our fancy-dress outfits come at affordable prices, so simply browse the site for more details.

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