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Baby Shower Latex, 25 Pack, Moon & Stars


Bespoke Handcrafted Christening Invite Ornate Cross


At Bewitched Parties, we offer a huge selection of fancy-dress costumes and accessories for all occasions and themes, but we also have a wide range of balloons for various celebrations. Here you will find our range of latex baby and christening balloons.


Latex balloons are a great alternative to foil balloons. Made from latex rubber, a naturally elastic material, latex balloons are a more affordable option. For this reason, we can supply a pack of 25 latex baby shower balloons for just £8.99. With a gender-neutral moon and star design, these can also be great for christenings.


We also offer black latex balloons with question marks, tied with ribbon and filled with your choice of pink or blue confetti, which could be used a “gender reveal” party, which can sometimes add a fun element to baby shower celebrations. These are available for just £2.99. In addition to our latex balloons in this category, we also provide bespoke handcrafted christening invitations, featuring an ornate cross.


For more information about our latex baby and christening balloons, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have for us.

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