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At Bewitched Parties, we offer a huge selection of fancy-dress costumes and accessories for all occasions and themes, but we also have a wide range of banners and bunting available, including those suitable for weddings and anniversaries.


Within our range of wedding banners and anniversary banners, we have a selection of five products. We offer a ‘Mr & Mrs’ wedding banner, as well as a gender-neutral option that reads: ‘With love on your wedding day’. We also offer an engagement banner within this product category, with a congratulations message repeated three times. We offer a choice of either white or pink bunting for such occasions.


Our banners measure at 9 foot (2.7 metres), and bunting is 10 metres long. Banners come in a holographic foil material, and are white and silver in colour. By decorating your space with these, you make the most of the occasion and call to attention the reason for the celebration. It provides the perfect backdrop when taking photos to remember your special day, so you can look back on it happily.


For more information about our selection of wedding and anniversary banners and bunting, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have for us.

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