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Cow Party Poncho


Penguin Party Poncho


Zebra Party Poncho


Great for music festivals, camping, and general holiday-wear, we are pleased to offer a range of ponchos as perfect party fancy dress costumes. They are designed for women in one size, but are unisex, making them very flexible products.

Although the garment was originally worn in South America, usually made from a thick piece of woollen cloth with a simple slit in the middle for your head to go through, they are now a staple item, particularly as waterproofs at festivals. Now, they don’t have to be boring and plain thanks to our range of fancy-dress party ponchos. Protecting you from the rain, these designs are different in that they also feature a handy hood to cover your hair.

Most of the outfits in this poncho range are animal-themed, including the option of cows, ducks, frogs, giraffes, leopards, parrots, penguins, tigers and zebras. We also stock a bright flower party poncho in neon green and pink.

Party ponchos are easy to wear – you simply slip them on over your clothes and transform into the character of your choice. As well as being easy to wear, they also come with a drawstring bag, making it easy to take off and carry when not in use. Incredibly lightweight, it’s simple to carry in the bag or pop inside your own bag so it doesn’t get anything wet.

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