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Second Skin Suit


Second Skin Suit, Crash Dummy


Second Skin Suit, Crash Dummy Costume


Second Skin, Tuxedo Pattern


At Bewitched Parties, we offer a range of different types of outfits to wear as fancy dress costumes. Here you will find a selection of four second skin fancy dress options.

The first second skin option is a simple design in one colour, with the option to choose from blue, black, green, orange or red. The next is a yellow crash dummy second skin suit, replicating the full-scale anthropomorphic test devices (ATD) that are used in various industries runs tests with crashes. The final option consists of a tuxedo pattern in black with white detailing.

Easy to get in and out of, our second skin costumes offer a bum-bag, concealed fly and under-chin opening. The bum-bag means you can keep any important valuables, such as your phone, money and keys, on your person. The concealed zip allows you to go to the bathroom easily, and the opening under your chin is there for when you need a breath of fresh air, or a slurp of a drink.

Second skin costumes are designed to adapt to your body, fitting on just as a glove fits your hands, but for your entire body, including your head, hands and feet. Fear not, as these costumes seem to come with the superpower of being able to see through them, and yet others can’t see you. These second skin suits will instantly transform you whilst being incredibly easy to wear.

To find out more about our second skin fancy dress, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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