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Comic Strip Suit


Evil Clown Suit


Holly Berry Suit


Humbug Suit


Moustache Suit


Off the Wall Suit


Over The Rainbow Suit


Here at Bewitched Parties, we provide our customers with a wide variety of different types of outfits to wear as fancy dress costumes. One example you will find here are stand out suits.  These snazzy suits aren’t just ordinary suits, but are instead formed of crazy patterns, enabling you to really stand out from the crowd.


We stock over twenty different stand out suits, including a fancy dress suit combining the blazer with a dress rather than trousers, with this option offering a skeleton pattern. Some of our trouser suit options are funny, some may be spooky, and some could even be stylish.

Our spooky stand out suits include one dripping with fake red blood, one covered in zombies, and one with evil clowns. For a more humorous approach, you might opt for a suit covered in Brussel sprouts or goldfish. We also stock other fun options such as a comic strip stand out suit, one with the brick wall pattern, and one with a rainbow design.

Our Hawaiian-themed suit certainly stands out from the crowd, and other more stylish options could be our plain purple or yellow suits, or the humbug suit, and some may even be able to make our suit covered in sweets look cool.

To discover more about our stand out suits for fancy dress, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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