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18″ Foil Helium Balloon Happy Valentine’s Day Red Hearts confetti


18″ Valentine’s Helium Balloon Heart Swirl


At Bewitched Parties we provide a huge variety of fancy-dress costumes and accessories for all occasions and themes, but there’s more. For special celebrations such as birthdays, we offer a great selection of balloons, including Valentine’s balloons.


Valentine’s Day started as a day to honour Saint Valentine, who has been connected with a tradition of courtly love. It is said that Saint Valentine cut hearts from parchment as gifts, which is associated with the use of the heart symbol on this day. A lot of the legends that characterise Saint Valentine were created in the 14th century in England by Geoffrey Chaucer and his contemporaries, when the feast day first became related to romantic love. Through folk traditions, it has become a day to celebrate romance and romantic love, or even love in all its forms.


Our range of Valentine’s Day balloons for our click and collect service includes a range of foil helium balloons. Messages may read ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ or simply say ‘I love you’. Most balloons are heart-shaped and come in various designs. We also offer balloons with soft plush gifts inside. It’s also possible to personalised our red heart balloons with a message for you loved ones.


We are able to provide Valentine’s Day balloons as part of our click and collect service. This is ideal for customers based in or near Leyland or Preston. For more information about our valentine’s balloon, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and we will be glad to help with any questions you may have for us.

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